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April 1, 2019
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April 1, 2019



Student template
Input Data (USD) Yellow-use only cell references Little Annin Flagmakers
Blue-may type numbers here Sales Budget (USD)
Budgeted sales Expected April May June Quarter
April (units) 2,500 Budgeted Sales (units):
May (units) 6,000 Selling Price per unit:
June (units) 3,000 Total Sales:
July (units) 2,500
August (units) 2,000
Little Annin Flagmakers
Selling Price/unit $ 120.00 Schedule of Expected Cash Collections (USD)
April May June Quarter
Cash collection pattern Accounts Receivable
Month of sale 40% Beginning Balance
Following month 55%
Uncollectible 5% April Sales
Cash payments for materials May Sales
Month of purchase 40%
Following month 60% June Sales
Production requirements Total Cash Collections:
Raw material per unit (lb) 5
Raw mat. cost per lb $7.00 Accounts Receivable, June 30:
Direct labor hours per unit 0.5
Direct labor rate per hour $40.00 Little Annin Flagmakers
Variable MOHD per DL hour $10 Production Budget
Fixed MOHD per month $57,950 April May June Quarter July August
Depreciation in Fixed MOHD $20,000 Budgeted Sales
Add: Desired ending inventory
Selling & administrative costs Total Needs
Variable S&A cost per unit sold $1.25 Less: Beginning inventory
Fixed S&A cost per month $63,000 Required Production
Depreciation in Fixed S&A cost $10,000
Little Annin Flagmakers
Other cash outflows Direct Materials Budget (USD)
Cash dividends paid each month $15,000 April May June Quarter
Equipment purchases May $47,820 Required Production in units
Equipment purchases June $154,600 Raw Materials per unit (lbs.)
Production Needs (lbs)
Desired ending inventory Add: Desired ending inventory
Finished Goods 20% Total Needs
Raw Materials 40% Less: Beginning inventory
Cash ($) $30,000 Raw Materials to be purchased
Cost of Raw Materials:
Beginning account balances – March 31 Total Cost of Raw Materials
Cash ($) $ 37,745
Accounts Receivable ($) $ 132,000
Finished Goods inventory $ 30,750 Little Annin Flagmakers
FG inventory (units) 410 Schedule of Expected Cash Disbursements for Material (USD)
Raw Materials inventory $ 32,200 April May June Quarter
Raw Materials (lb) 4,600 Accounts Payable
Accounts Payable ($) $ 55,000 Beginning Balance
Land $520,000 April Purchases
Buildings and equipment $1,800,000
Accumulated Depreciation ($750,000) May Purchases
Common stock $500,000
Retained earnings $1,247,695 June Purchases
Total Cash Disbursements
For Materials
Accounts Payable, June 30:
Little Annin Flagmakers
Direct Labor Budget (USD)
April May June Quarter
Units to be produced
DL hours per unit
Total DL hours needed
DL cost per hour
Total direct labor cost
Little Annin Flagmakers
Manufacturing Overhead Budget (USD)
April May June Quarter
Budgeted DL hours
Variable MOHD rate
Total Variable MOHD
Fixed MOHD Expense
Total MOHD Expense
Less: Depreciation
Cash disbursements for MOHD
M-OHD rate /DLH
Little Annin Flagmakers
Unit Product Cost (USD)
Absorption cost per unit Quantity Cost Cost/unit
Direct Materials
Direct Labor
Manufacturing Overhead
Unit Product Cost
Little Annin Flagmakers
Cost of Goods Sold Budget (USD)
Cost of Goods Sold (FIFO) Units Cost/unit Total Cost
Beg. FG inventory
Add: Cost of Goods Mfg’d
Good Available for Sale
Less: Ending FG inventory
Cost of Good Sold
Little Annin Flagmakers
Selling and Administrative Expense Budget (USD)
April May June Quarter
Budgeted sales in units
Variable S&A per unit
Total Variable S&A
Total Fixed S&A
Total S&A Expense
Less: Depreciation
Cash Disbursements for S&A
Little Annin Flagmakers
Cash Budget (USD)
April May June Quarter
Cash Balance, Beginning:
Add: Receipts
Cash Collections
Total Cash Available
Less Disbursements:
Direct Materials
Direct Labor
Manufacturing Overhead
Selling and Administrative
Equipment Purchases
Total Disbursements
Excess (deficiency) of cash available:
Total Financing
Cash Balance, ending:
Little Annin Flagmakers
Budgeted Income Statement (USD)
Quarter Ending: June 30
Net Sales
Less: Cost of Goods Sold
Gross Margin
Less: S&A Expenses
Net Operating Income
Less: Interest Expense
Net Income
Computation of Net Sales:
Less uncollectible amounts:
Net Sales:
Little Annin Flagmakers
Budgeted Balance Sheet (USD)
Ending March 31st Ending June 30th
Current Assets:
Accounts Receivable
Raw Materials Inventory
Finished Goods Inventory
Plant and Equipment:
Buildings and Equipment
Accumulated Depreciation
Total Assets:
Accounts Payable
Stockholder’s Equity:
Common Stock
Retained Earnings
Total Liabilities and stockholder’s equity:

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