A city is located along the coastline of a peninsula at 25 l…

A city is located along the coastline of a peninsula at 25° latitude in the Southern Hemisphere. The land on which the city is built is primarily flat with karst topography. In recent years, scientists have detected a significant decrease in the amount of ozone in the stratosphere above the region.

Describe the effect of latitude on the amount of sunlight the region receives. Describe how solar intensity will most likely affect the region’s average temperature during the summer and winter months.
What kind of convection cell would be found over a region at this latitude? Describe one way in which this cell affects the movement of air through the region in which the city is located and one way in which this mass movement of air likely affects the region’s climate.
Describe two ways in which the region’s topography is likely to affect its climate.
Describe two ways that the recent decrease in stratospheric ozone poses potential risks to people living in the city

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