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How do I find rate laws,reactions,intermediated,etc
’1‘ OWLV2 1 Online leaching and le X :jmcengagenow.com/i|rnltakeAssignment/takeCovalentActivity.do?Iocator=assignment—take&takeAssignmentSessionLocator=asslgnment—take _ Use the Reference: to locals important value: if needed for this Ellen The following mechanism for the gas phase decomposition of oxygen difluoride is consistent with the observed rate law.step 1 fast: 2 0F2 = 02F4step 2 slow: 02174 —-—-) 01 + 2 F2 (1) What is the equation for the overall reaction? Use the smallest integer coefficients possible. If a box is not needed, leave it blank.E + E —> E + E(2) Enter the formula of any species that acts as a reaction intermediate? If none leave box blank: :l (3) Complete the rate law for the overall reaction that is consistent with this mechanism. Use the form kIAlmlBln… , where ‘1′ is understood (so don’t write it if it’s a ‘1’) for m, :1 etc. dam a up for a fresh, like

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