1. A client is taking a negative chronotropic medication. Wh…

1. A client is taking a negative chronotropic medication. What will the impact be on cardiac output?2. A man enters the hospital complaining of chest pain. His history includes smoking, a stressful job, a diet heavy in saturated fats, lack of exercise, and high blood pressure. Although he is not suffering a heart attack, his care provider explains that a heart attack is quite possible. What did the chest pain indicate? Why is this man a prime candidate for a heart attack?3. A client has just lost a large amount of blood in a traumatic accident. Their heart rate is 144 beats per minute. Why? Is this beneficial to the client or not?4. when is the heart formed during fetal development?5. what is meant by vagal tone?6. what is the relationship between capillaries, venules and veins?7. what are the purposes of venous valves? venous sinuses?
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